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The Product Process™

A 3-hour intensive that helps you streamline the back end of your product-based business. Our time together is dedicated to all things operations: creating a strategic plan, project management, and team growth. In a nutshell, you go from overworked to completely organized and ready to grow.

Get rid of wasted time and finally hear, "it's handled."

The premier intensive for sustainable product-based CEOs and Founders who want to scale their business beyond 6 and 7 figures.

the non-tangibles

So what does this truly do for your business?

You begin with a complicated, messy and downright dizzy customer buying process. By the end of our time together you’ll have…

increased productivity

You and your team can take the initiative to grow. No more peeking over your shoulder week after week because you now have a system in place to make sure everyone and everything is automated like a well-oiled machine.

Improved Leadership

You could be the best leader in the world, but previously fell short due to not having the right tools or systems. Together we’ll learn your strengths and modes of improvement, so you can fill gaps, open the floor for collaboration and lean on your team. Stay in your lane so they can thrive in theirs.

strong team connection

When everyone does their part, magic happens. Identify the tasks that you can delegate, or get rid of all together. Your team can handle it all with confidence. Make everyone feel welcome and appreciated as they work to ensure projects get completed.

big idea execution

No longer will you say, “I have all these ideas and no idea how to execute,” because you’ve got me. No idea is too big or small with the right plan in place. Your team will no longer look at you like a deer in headlights when you tell them your 3-5 year plan.

Streamlined revenue goals (and the plan to match)

The proof is in the profit. Get a plan to finally hit the numbers that collect dust in your Google spreadsheet. Check off your goals so you can begin to build wealth for future generations.

Is this what your dreams are made of?

The Next Steps

This is how you take your products, customers and team from overworked to "Oh wow!"

Create & Refine

We’ll review and revamp your mission, vision and values statement, so you can reconnect with the core of your business. We’ll cover financial steadiness, operations, your team, customer experience, visibility and personal growth.

Audit & Set Goals

We’ll deep dive into 7 core areas of your business so we can discover the gaps. You’ll let us know:

  • Your growth goals, so we can identify areas of opportunity to reach them.
  • Where your energy is going. We’ll decide where the change needs to happen for you to focus on your zone, and not everyone else’s.
  • Your biggest dreams so we can break your goals down into bite-sized pieces later.

All the ideas you’ve been afraid to say out loud? We’re going to name them.

The Love & Hate List

You know all the things you have to give yourself a pep talk for before you do them? We’ll write them out so you finally know what to delegate and how to make time for it. We’ll share my proven strategies about how to get things done. We’ll create work schedules and set you up for success.

Prioritize Projects & Set Expectations

Execution is usually the hardest part for clients, so we’ll break out tasks for projects in the current and upcoming quarters, so that you can complete them easily and not erratically. 

Identify Important Metrics

Based on those objectives, we’ll walk through  what numbers you need to hit to get there successfully. From money to marketing, we’ll determine what we’re measuring and for how long. No more saying “I lost track.”

Kalish was amazing! We got on a quick strategy call with her and she really helped to let us focus and align with how we were going to go about the launch of our business. We want to thank her for all of the tips that she gave us!
Christina & Tenisha
Haute Noire


Don't get worked up! This work won't be as heavy as it seems.

We’ll spend 5 hours focusing on your business, piece by piece, so that you and your team feel quipped to take on the upcoming changes.

Strategic Mapping Plan

We’ll create a business roadmap using the licensed Strategic Mapping Model™️. You’ll never have to guess what your plans are for the next year.

Deep dive finacial review

We’ll dive into your product, its price points, and the costs associated with it. This is a comprehensive review performed by a certified Profit-First professional to help correct or redirect the financial processes in your business to meet financial targets.


Get 3 standard operating procedures for your current employees, contractors, or new hires. The processes, as well as instructions on how to execute, will help you hire, fire and promote team members successfully.


I'm Kalish Nesbitt

The product-based director of operations that your business (and your pockets) have been begging for. My goal is to work alongside you to scale your business. You’ve done such an amazing job building it so far. You just need a little help reaching your next level of goals. I use The Product Process™ to map systems, processes and plans that yield actionable results.

I help you craft a legacy with your product that impacts the world at large.

the choice

So... what are you really trying to do?

You know exactly where your business could be. The CashApp transactions and Instagram customer service inquiries can be pushed aside one of two ways. With an expert and without one. You can choose us or another firm.  

The question is will you get what you want?

You can stay stuck in overwhelm, and try to imitate big budget brands, or get…

product focused know-how

Unlike other systems professionals, our firm has years of corporate retail and supply chain management experience. We’ve built product-based businesses, and have helped scale others. If anyone knows how to do this money-making thing, it’s us. You can go with another option, for sure. What you won’t get is tailored expertise and a process that gets you what you need in just a few hours.

A custom approach

Operations, especially in the product game is such a big role to fill, and you don’t have the skills to develop yourself into a pro overnight. We create a just-for-you solution that isn’t shared from client to client. If you want generic “how-to” sessions, we’re not the one for you.

Your secret product-based weapon to long-last impact is here.


Your systems won’t be complete, but you will have the strategy for your team to set up and implement what you walk away with. They will have everything they need to hit the ground running, so you don’t have to worry about it!

This intensive is the perfect thing for you if you are an e-commerce business owner who has been in business at least 2 years and has a team that works to ensure your success. You are making 4 and 5 figure months, but want to scale. The thing is, you don’t want to lose your mind in the tech of it all while you do it.

Your team should work in their zone of genius, and you should too. You shouldn’t be handing the strategic planning and financial goals of your business to a VA or social media manager. You should be able to compartmentalize things efficiently in the 7 core areas of business that we plan for during The Product Powerhouse. Everyone should play their role, and play it well.

If you are still building your team, and are still in the beginning stages of your business, we do offer strategy sessions. If you’d like to inquire about that option, please click here.

Our most successful projects are pulled off with a start date of 2 weeks before your Product Process™ session. This allows our team to have enough time to look at your data and prepare for success.

This service is dedicated to product-based businesses only. There is a huge gap in between the product game and the systems game. We’re here to fill it. If you would like referrals for other operations experts, please send me an email at