Retail is in The Details

and you lose track of them over and over

Do you need to hire an operations consultant to put your product-based systems, processes and profit in overdrive?

Retail is in The Details

and you lose track of them over and over

It’s time to operate in your zone of genius and put your product-based systems, processes and profit in overdrive.

Hey, I'm Kalish

I work with eCommerce entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their business, without the headache. With over 6 years of experience in corporate retail buying and a Bachelor’s of Science in Merchandising, I know what it takes to sell out, the right way! I’ve pulled off launches that resulted in over $400K in revenue, and I’ve even led my own successful subscription box model in a former life. Whether your goals include being hoppin’ the local mom and pop shop, or corporate giant, I can help you execute your vision, flawlessly.

The game of streamlining your operations isn't as long
as you think it is.

Order notifications fly through the home screen of your iPhone because your automations work seamlessly.

Your email is filled with praise as customers rave about fast shipping, amazing customer service and surprise order upgrades they weren’t expecting.

You get successful updates from your team members every single week. They’re proud to tell you the numbers are climbing. You gained five figures in revenue with ease because your marketing team is killin’ it. Influencers email you about collabs and not the other way around. You took your first day off in six months, and better yet, it was a week! 

Three years ago, you would have been scoffing at the thought.

This is the life you’ve dreamed of. The life you manifested. The life that your affirmations were filled with. 

How will you grow your business to the level of big brands like HoneyPot & Spanx when you don't have operations systems
that help you scale?

Oh, I don’t hear anything! It’s because…

You answer phones, emails and text messages at all hours of the night. You pack orders until 3 am, and ship them out at 7. You tense-up at every meeting because you fully expect your team to quit any moment. You don’t know how to incentivize work for a business that feels like it’s a walking mess. You always dreamed of working an 8 hour week, but it’s more like 80. Exhausted? That’s you, all the way. You have no time to spend with family, friends and even with yourself.

You want to hand over the reigns, but where will you find the time? And how? That VA that you hired asks questions every 5 minutes, because you never onboarded them properly. You don’t want to keep onboarding new team members into the mess that is your reality. Customers are in your Instagram comments with a mouthful, because they sent an email 2 weeks ago, but so did 50 other people. You never saw it because you were answering 50 more from the week before.

You are tired of the “think” portion. You want the “do” part to enter the picture. 

You need an operations specialist to help you get systems in place and get organized so you can grow the business of your dreams. 

You started this business out of love, and you don't want to lose it in inventory, abandoned carts, or production costs.

You make money, but money alone isn’t what drives you. Spending time with your family, having thousands of happy customers, making a difference in someone else’s life. That’s why you started your business and what drives you.

You’ve created a product that’s gotten rave reviews and has catapulted your life into another dimension. But you want something big. Big, like giving impact to not only your pockets, but others. 

You care about your customers, but the capacity to care for each and every one of them is dwindling, which means your process and client systems need a deep dive that you can’t complete. You want someone to come in, take the emotion out of it and help you reach your goals.

You have an eco-friendly product and you're a business owner with a thing for sales.

Operations and automated systems aren’t your thing. This means:

  • You make good money, but want to make better profit with predictable increases every month. 
  • You want to grow your team in a way that works for you and them. No more YouTube searches on how to cultivate a team. 
  • Creating a buying experience that makes customers feel included, needed, and heard.
  • Creating a truly efficient operations system that gives you the tools to thrive, whether you’re logged in or not.

If you can agree with any of these we need to meet!

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Kalish has been very significant with the launch and creation of Nvmse’s Little Blk Box subscription boxes. She is a strategist, thought provoker, and cheerleader and has a very tactful way to invoke these various skills to bring out clarity and help pinpoint the goals. As I pivot during this pandemic, her advice is tailored to my brand’s aspirations where she gives me one-on-one suggestions and has provided me with all the resources I need to market myself and pursue a successful strategy.
Brittanee King